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What to Keep in Mind When Setting Up your Active Learning Review Pass in OPEN DISCOVERY

By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO Learning Experience Team   By now, we're guessing you’ve all heard about machine learning. Here at IPRO, we’re super excited about it! When it comes to document review and creating review passes in OPEN DISCOVERY, we call it “Active Learning.” As reviewers begin document review, and “check-in” batches, the system learns from your input and begins making predictions. It starts classifying documents based on extracted text, putting them into gro

Susanne Strong

Susanne Strong in Active Learning

Active Learning Enabled Review Passes

Active Learning Enabled Review Passes By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO’s Learning Experience Team  Have you heard about Active Learning? It’s the next generation in Batch Management and document review.   I think of it as “next level.” It’s kind of like when you upgrade your iPhone. It might have taken a little bit of convincing, but yes, I recently upgraded my iPhone 8 to the iPhone 13 and let me just say that I have no idea what took me so long.   Active Learning
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