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Getting up to Speed When You’re New to eDiscovery

Susanne Strong



Getting up to Speed When You’re New to eDiscovery

Are you new to the legal industry and/or e-Discovery?  

Are you feeling both excited and terrified all at the same time? Maybe you’re eager to get going, yet wondering how on earth you’re going to learn all there is to know?  

As a newbie to eDiscovery, there’s a lot to know and sometimes the idea of learning it all can be formidable. Oftentimes, burying your head in the sand and pretending eDiscovery doesn’t exist is the approach taken by many–until it’s too late and your lack of action results in spoilation of data or sanctions. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to begin. A basic Google search returns a gazillion irrelevant search results leaving you completely dumbfounded. 

IPRO’s introductory courses can help get you started

We’ve created a Learning Center that includes courses made especially for you, making it easy for eDiscovery newbies who need to get up to speed in a hurry. 

IPRO’s Learning Center includes free Self-Guided courses that can help you learn key terminology in a matter of minutes. We’ve created several videos that can help you get up to speed. These include: 

  • eDiscovery Terminology 
  • discovery ][ Local Terminology 
  • discovery ][ Enterprise Terminology 
  • Information Governance: Terminology 

Regardless of where you’re at, all four are extremely beneficial when it comes to learning the top technology terms you’ll come across while working in the industry. 

Once you peruse these courses, you too will feel like an industry veteran! As a bonus, some videos include recordings delivered by IPRO employees who share relatable, easy-to-understand terms and their definitions coupled with real-world examples of how they apply. This free content can be accessed here

If you’d like to learn more about our products or sign up for Self-Guided Learning, check out our Learning Center

If you want to check out our product documentation, head over to our Help Center

Whether you’re a newbie to eDiscovery or further along on your learning journey, know that IPRO is here to help get you to the next level.  

Come start your journey with us today. 



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