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The Spring Release of IPRO’s OPEN DISCOVERY is Finally Here!

Susanne Strong


By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO Learning Experience Team

Earlier this Spring, IPRO’s OPEN DISCOVERY released version 2022.10.0. This update includes robust new features sure to knock your socks off! It also adds several major updates to the environment, all of which we're ecstatic to share with you. This update incorporates:

  • Transcripts
  • Load to Review: Import Series
  • Performance Management
  • Hybrid Productions


This long-awaited feature is found under the Review & Transcripts Hexagon (formerly named ECA & Review). The Transcripts icon is located on the left pane of the Dashboard. It allows you to import, search, review, annotate, and report on hearing and trial transcripts. After a transcript is imported into the environment, the searchable text lets you locate keywords, topics, or issues that are relevant to the case. When annotating the transcript text by Issue, you can automatically organize the relevant content simply by selecting the text with your mouse in order to highlight it. When you need to summarize your work product you can run the Issues Digest Reports or the Full Transcript Reports. The Issues Digest Report will provide a summary of all (or selected) transcripts and all (or selected) Issues. The formatting options here are quite robust. The Full Transcript Report provides a report of the entire transcript and allows you to include all or selected annotations and choose to fill regions.

For details about Working with Transcripts, click here Work with Transcripts

For more information about Transcript Reports, take a peek at Run Transcript Reports

Load to Review: Import Series

Found in Case Settings under your Processing Case within Case Management, this feature allows an Import Series (similar to the Export Series in eCapture) to be created in a Processing Case. This enables you to choose the metadata for field mapping, in addition to the options such as export formats and the BegDoc number to be imported into the desired Review Case. A default Import Series is autogenerated when the case is created, but you can always create a customized Import series before ingesting new data should you wish to do so. The important thing to remember here is that you’ll need to mark the new series as “Active” in order to use it for the newly ingested data until another Import Series is chosen.

For more information about creating and working with Import Series, check out the following links:

Overview: Import Series

Create Import Series

Work with Import Series 

Performance Management

Performance Management is located in the Review &Transcripts module. On a granular level, it gives Administrators more control over document optimization by leveraging the capabilities already existing within the environment, specifically by creating HTML outputs for native files. Here you can optimize documents upfront, instead of in a batch review or on the fly.

If you'd like information about the Performance Management tool, here is a link to our Help Center Manage Performance.

Hybrid Productions

Another feature that users have looked forward to is finally here! Hybrid Productions. If you’re creating a Production and you need to produce a mix of native documents or images, now you have the option of selecting documents by file type or by document tag. Before using the tag option, you must identify and tag all Natives and/or Images to be produced.

For more information click Hybrid Productions. 

As you can see, these exhilarating features add a lot to our already robust environment, and believe it or not, there’s even more on the horizon. We are extremely excited about what we’ve shown you so far and can’t wait for you to dive in and see these new components for yourselves.

If you’d like to learn more about IPRO’s products or purchase any type of training, head to our online Learning Center: https://learn.ipro.com/  

IPRO’s Help Center, which is where you can find documentation on all IPRO products can also be found here: https://myIPRO.IPROtech.com/help  

 If you have topics you’d like for us to cover, please feel free to drop us a line and we will incorporate your ideas into future blog posts.  


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