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What’s new in discovery][ Local and TrialDirector 7.0

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By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery 

Discovery ][ Local and TrialDirector 7.0 Release has a so much to offer we couldn’t keep our typing fingers still!  From clip editing features to new reporting options, 7.0 is a customer driven release born out of requests from our customers from our feature request inbox at ideas@iprotech.com: 

  • Video Editing Cut & Paste Segments: IPRO added the ability to select multiple segments to be cut and pasted for moving to new locations.  More editing options means better presentations 

  • Set Clip Start/End: Setting the start or end of clips will now save automatically so that an additional save is eliminated.  Yay to less clicking and forgetting!  

  • Clip Report: This report was updated to include synchronized exhibits, provide page numbers for segments that span multiple pages, group clips by parent transcript, and add the ability to provide single space output to the final report.  More flexibility and more options equal greater efficiency!  

  • Fact Management Deposition Transcript Report: This new Transcript Report allows users to select issues, NOTES, quick marks, designations, and linked exhibits to specific transcripts. That’s right, you read it correctly, notes can now be exported per transcript!  

  • Fact Management Cast Member Report: This new report allows users to select one or more cast members with the option to include selected transcripts, documents, multimedia, clips and contact information with export to .csv.  Yay, for these added options for increased efficiency with Witness/Trial Notebook organization! 

  • Fact Management Issue Report: The new report allows users to report on selected issues with options to include documents, facts, and transcripts with export to .csv! More versatility and post report edits!  

Want to see these features in action? Check out the learning center for an On a Mission course related to these new release items. For full 7.0 Release notes, check out the Help Center for more detailed information on performance and printability for sharing around your office!  

There is such much more content on the page and in the Learning Center overall. The Product Learning Team’s goal is to provide you the right content, at the right time, and in the right format. As we continue to execute on our mission, more content will become available and easily accessible to guide you through your journey.  

The Learning Experience Team wants you to succeed in this fast-paced, new world.  We wish you luck on this endeavor and know with the right tools, the right training, and the right support, you can be a truly remarkable eDiscovery practitioner!  

Happy Learning!  

For more information about tips like these, keep tuning in to our regular blog series from our Learning Experience team. 

 If you’d like to learn more about IPRO’s products or sign up for Self-Guided Learning, log in to our online learning center,  https://learn.ipro.com/ 


IPRO’s Help Center can also be found here: https://myipro.iprotech.com/help 




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