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TRIAL DIRECTOR Presenting Documents

Susanne Strong



By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery 

When it comes to Trial presentation, practice makes perfect. To ease your practice and pull up documents with ease, the Learning Experience Team has some recommendations for you:  

  • Set standardized naming conventions for your Item ID, Exhibit Number, and Trial Exhibit Number fields.  If you have a standardized way of entering information into Evidence, that muscle memory will translate with ease onto Presentation.   

  • Utilize the Common Name field. Attorneys may not always refer to a document by its Item ID or Trial Exhibit Number.  Having a field filled in with ways an attorney normally refers to a document may prevent you from searching for documents and delaying presentation.  

  • Set up Witness Workbooks.  Utilizing the workbook feature will allow you to pull up pages of exhibits in the order in which your previously planned for witnesses.  This will speed up the transition from document/page and reduce potential errors.  If you find yourself needing to go out of order or into an unplanned document, you still have access to your entire database. 

Check out Troubleshooting in TRIAL DIRECTOR: Why Documents aren't pulling up in Presentation in our Learning Center for getting out of sticky situations.  

Just as the Learning Experience Team has your back with our Blog series, we now have Tech Tip Tuesday! A short, concise Tech Tip that can get you back on track.  Drop us a line at training@iprotech.com with Tech Tips and guidance you would like to see.  



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