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By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery 

Facts have dates. But what are those dates? How do you enter the date for a 2019 Proforma or the 2021 Q3 Sales Report? As paralegals, we have created out own shorthand and standardization, but what happens when the case is a legacy matter, or you share with others? Sticky situations and incomplete searches sometimes occur.  In Fact Management, we have come up with a solution to prevent this issue from occurring: Wild Cards! Check out some of these wildcards to see if they can help improve your fact timeline: 

  • ?- using the “?” to replace an unknown day and/or month of the event’s date will assume the middle day of the month, or the middle month of the year.  For example, ??/03/2004 will result in the date 06/03/2004. 

  • Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall – Entering seasons will result in the middle month date for that season (North American).  Winter 2004 [December – February] will result in the date January 15, 2004. 

  • Early, Mid, Late – Entering these terms will set the date to either 5th, 15th, or 25th of the specified month and year. 

  • Quarters- These are my personal favorite.  Entering 1st Quarter 2021 will result in the date 2/15/2021 or 4th Quarter 2021 resulting in 11/15/2021.  

Check out Add a Fact in the Fact Grid page in our Help Center for more examples and wildcards.   

Just as the Learning Experience Team has your back with our Blog series, we now have Tech Tip Tuesday! A short, concise Tech Tip that can get you back on track.  Drop us a line at training@iprotech.com with Tech Tips and guidance you would like to see. 



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