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How to Get the Most Out of Your Learning Center Subscription

Susanne Strong



By Kelly Lyons, IPRO Learning Experience Team 

For new IPRO customers and experienced users alike, training is key. There is always more to learn about your products, and even refresher training can be useful when it comes to keeping your skills sharp and picking up new tips. To help our clients get the most out of their products, IPRO now offers Learning Center subscriptions for our online training. These subscriptions provide in-depth access to the Learning Center, allowing users to access a variety of beneficial courses without worrying about additional costs. These subscriptions are included in every Starter/Business package, Business Plus/Elite Package, and discovery ][ Local package, but they can also be purchased a la carte. Read on for more details on how you can make the best use possible of this exciting new resource! 

Redeeming a Subscription 

Whether your subscription was included in a package purchase or purchased individually, you’ll soon receive a subscription confirmation email. This email will include a registration link that you can use to get started on your learning journey. No worries if you’re purchasing subscriptions for other users at your organization--you can just forward the emails on to them! Upon clicking the link, subscription owners will unlock a wealth of online content covering an array of IPRO products.  

Accessing Your Courses 

While subscriptions include numerous courses and offer a great bang for your buck, they don’t include all Learning Center content. Even for subscription owners, the specific content included will vary based on whether you have a Basic User or Administrator Subscription. How can you avoid confusion and easily find your courses without risking accidental charges? We’ve got you covered there! We’ve carefully developed a Subscription Plans section of the site, specially designed for subscription users. Through this section of the site, you can choose the type of content you’re looking for. If you’d like to see all content included in your subscription, you can just click on the “All Subscription Content” tile. If you’re undergoing the full onboarding process with a package, you can click on the tile for your package. After navigating through a few more subtiles, you’ll be taken to a page full of courses that are either free or included in your subscription. There’s no need to dig around to see which courses are included or to filter out paid courses. Everything is all in one convenient location! 

A Few Crucial Points 

There are a few things to keep in mind when trying to use your Learning Center subscription. Most importantly, if everything is working properly, you should never be prompted to enter your payment information. If you’re asked to pay for a course, it’s possible that your subscription link was not correctly redeemed. Conversely, you might not be signed into your account—be sure to check the top right corner of the screen to make sure that youre logged in. Lastly, make sure that you’re viewing the correct subtile. If you’re a Basic User and you accidentally access the Administrator subtile, you’ll end up seeing many courses that aren’t included in your particular subscription. If you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. Just send us an email at training@iprotech.com and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible! We’d also recommend checking out our free course on Getting the Most Out of Your Learning Center Subscription for more information on this topic. 

For customers looking to train in a new product, pick up new skills, or brush up on existing knowledge, the Learning Center is an invaluable resource. Subscriptions are one of the best means possible of accessing this tool, and we hope these tips will help you use them as easily and effectively as possible! Happy Learning!  

For more tips like these, keep tuning in to our regular blog series from our Product Learning Experience team.  

If you’d like to learn more about IPRO’s products or sign up for Self-Guided Learning, log in to our online learning center, https://learn.ipro.com/ 

IPRO’s Help Center can also be found here:  https://my.ipro.com/help   

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