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Eclipse SE to OPEN DISCOVERY Considerations: Maintaining a Clean File Structure

Susanne Strong


By Brittany Thaler & Heather Stewart 

As a Client Success Manager at IPRO, Heather Stewart works with a lot of customers who are moving from IPRO’s Eclipse SE legacy product to OPEN DISCOVERY. People want to know not just “How do I optimize my use of OPEN DISCOVERY?”, but also “How do I set myself up for success?” Today’s question is about case database directories and maintaining clean file structures. We asked Heather to share her knowledge and expert tips about this topic. 

Scenario: I am an SE client who has been organizing all of our cases in one main directory. So, instead of having a client folder and then the matters reside within there, we have a naming convention where the client name is first then the matter. In translating that to the Case Management within OPEN DISCOVERY, can I set up my cases the same way? 

Heather Stewart, CSM 

Yes, the structure of the case directories can be maintained in the same fashion. When it comes to creating the case within OPEN DISCOVERY Case Management, there is flexibility on how the structure is maintained. Considerations on being able to filter by client may be a factor in how the case structure is organized. 

Because of the flexibility in structure, I include this topic in my engagement with customers to help get an idea of their previous practices and help facilitate how they can maintain good practices within their OPEN DISCOVERY environment.  

Thank you so much Heather for sharing your knowledge and processes with us.  For more FAQ’s on administrating OPEN DISCOVERY, check out our Help Center resources today!  

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The Learning Experience Team wants you to succeed in this fast-paced, new world.  We wish you luck on this endeavor and know with the right tools, the right training, and the right support, you can be a truly remarkable eDiscovery practitioner!  

Happy Learning!  

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