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How IPRO is Using In-App Pendo Guides to Boost the Customer Experience

Susanne Strong



by Susanne Strong, Content Developer, and Denese Davidson Technical Writer, IPRO’s Learning Experience Team 

Pendo Guides are in-app, interactive guides that highlight new features in our products, while also providing in-context support. These in-app guides simplify the user experience, which is what we at IPRO aim to do. 

We’ve started using them in our OPEN DISCOVERY product (formerly known as discovery ][ Enterprise), and in our Learning Center, and soon we’ll start using them in our Help Center too. The main purpose of Pendo is to make our products and our Help Center more intuitive, highlighting features, and providing workflows and use case scenarios. Pendo will also help with quicker navigation. Our goal is to enhance the overall customer experience, which means giving customers in-context help to answer immediate questions. This means providing customers with links to click on inside of the product, which gives them quick access to the answers they need.  

To give you a little more context, I’m here talking with Denese Davidson, one of our Technical Writers, to explain how Pendo Guides work and discuss exactly how we’re using them. 

When you transitioned to the Documentation Team, creating Pendo Guides was one of the first items on your list. What is it about Pendo Guides that excited you the most? 

Denese: The ability to visually capture the client’s attention and answer their questions. My goal was to help the clients in a different way and Pendo does exactly that.  

What types of things do you plan on highlighting in our products? 

DeneseWe are going to focus on our more complex features, to help simplify them.  I also plan to focus on new features after they are released. 

You recently created an in-app Guide in OPEN DISCOVERY for a new feature. What kind of work went into that? 

Denese: Before I created the walk-through guide, I had to be very familiar with the new feature.  As a Technical Writer, I became quite knowledgeable and looked at it from a client’s perspective to figure out what the client needed to know.  Some items that will be highlighted will be walk-throughs of new features and others will be quick overviews. 

After doing a deep dive into the products from a technical perspective, the Pendo Guide was created. 

The first Pendo Guide you created was for Transcripts in OPEN DISCOVERY.  What about that new feature made you want to create an in-app guide? 

Denese: We picked transcripts because it’s a completely new feature within OPEN DISCOVERY.  While it was a feature available in prior iterations of this product, it’s completely new to this one and we wanted to showcase it. 

Which Pendo Guides are you most excited about creating in the future?  

Denese: Next, we plan to create guides for the Home Page on the Help Center, and then plan on emphasizing some complex product features as well as some of our other features that aren’t used as frequently.  


In-app Pendo Guides are just one of the new items you should be on the lookout for here at IPRO. Quick Reference Cards have also been created for OPEN DISCOVERY, which we hope will help make the user experience even better and will engage our customers in an entirely new way. 

If you’d like to learn more about IPRO’s products or purchase any type of training, head to our online Learning Center: https://learn.ipro.com/ 

IPRO’s Help Center, which is where you can find documentation on all IPRO products can also be found here: https://myIPRO.IPROtech.com/help 

If you have topics you’d like for us to cover, please feel free to drop us a line and we will incorporate your ideas into future blog posts. 

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