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Create a Secondary Processing Case for Bates PDFs

Susanne Strong



By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery 

As an administrator of Open Discovery (fka discovery ][ Enterprise), it is common to receive already processed data in the form of PDFs named per Bates Number. It is helpful to keep this data in the grid and be able to search for it efficiently. Best case is that the Bates Number becomes the BegDoc number but how do we accomplish this? 

Well, today is your lucky day! In this Workflow Wednesday piece, we will walk you through setting up a secondary processing case to specifically handle Bates Numbered PDFs without a load file. This processing case will be used to extract text from the PDF and perform OCR if the PDF is not already searchable.  

Step 1: Create a New Processing Case 

  • Create a new Processing Case with an identifying suffix of ‘ – PDF’ (Your Code Name group should now consist of two processing cases and one review case) 

Step 2: Create a New Import Series 

  • On the first step of the Import Series wizard, define a name for the new Import Series, such as "Bates PDF." 

  • Note: Ensure the Set as Active Series option is selected. When active, the import series is able to promote ingested documents into the selected Review case. When inactive, the import series is "turned off" and any customization defined in the series is not used during processing. 

  • Proceed through the steps of the Import Series wizard, customizing as needed. See Create an Import Series for more information on the various options. 

  • On the fourth step of the wizard, ensure you select the Use filename option. 

  • When all options have been defined, click Finish to create the Import Series. 

Step 3: Ingest Data in Self-Service 

  • On the Self-Service page, click I want to upload a file to process into review. 

  • Select the file you want to upload and click Open 

  • Select your new PDF processing case. 

  • Select Custodian > click Go. 

Special thanks to Client Success Manager, Heather Stewart who defined this process, and to Documentation Manager, Max Cohen, and Technical Writer, Denese Davidson both of whom refined it. 

Looking for more in-depth details on how to accomplish this workflow?  Check out Workflow: Create a Secondary Processing Case for Bates PDFs on the Help Center.   

Just as the Learning Experience Team has your back with our Blog series, we now have Workflow Wednesday! A short, concise workflow that can increase your efficiency.  Drop us a line at training@iprotech.com with workflows and guidance you would like to see. 




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