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TRIAL DIRECTOR Display Settings

Susanne Strong



By Brittany Thaler, ACP eDiscovery 

Trial is a beast; and sometimes tips, tricks and settings in TRIAL DIRECTOR get left behind.  As always, we have a course and content to help you out! Today’s focus is on settings. Display settings and best practices can be easily forgotten when dealing with the tremendous amounts of detail that Trial requires. What are some great recommended settings?   

  • Set your monitor resolution to 1920x1080 with 100% scaling. This should be the best quality display, but monitors may differ, so make these recommended changes, restart your PC and test it out before you begin trial.   

  • When you plug into the electronic courtroom, launch Presentation to ensure that Presentation displays to Judge/Jury while your laptop screen displays Presentation Preview. To change these settings, access Presentation Preferences or your PC’s Display settings to change monitor naming and display. 

Check out Troubleshooting in TRIAL DIRECTOR: Display Setting Best Practices in our Learning Center for more information. 

Just as the Learning Experience Team has your back with our Blog series, we now have Tech Tip Tuesday! A short, concise Tech Tip that can get you back on track.  Drop us a line at training@iprotech.com with Tech Tips and guidance you would like to see. 



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