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Hot Seat Operation: TRIAL DIRECTOR Shortcut Keys

Susanne Strong



By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO’s Learning Experience Team 

When it comes to Hot Seat Operation, knowing your shortcut keys is well, key. The more you know, the better off you are. When I first started learning all my shortcuts, I didn’t have them all memorized like I do now. “Back in the day,” I wrote the most important hotkeys down on an index card for reference. While now obsolete, index cards were once the holy grail of cue cards. Luckily for you guys, command and keyboard shortcuts can now be found in two easy-to-access places. The first is embedded directly into Presentation Preferences within TRIAL DIRECTOR 


and the second is on our Help Center under Commands and Keyboard Shortcuts.   

When it comes to Presenting, there are several most used and inquired-about Hot Keys. It depends of course, on what you’re using Presenting. If you’re comparing documents, the most used command keys are the Function Keys for the Zones (F1 for Zone 1, F2 for Zone 2, etc.), in addition to the Zone Mover tool (F10). If you’re at Trial and you need to Admit an Exhibit, the keystroke –AE will become your best friend. When your attorneys are having a sidebar with the Judge and you need to hide your Presentation, try Alt + B. Press the same command keys again when it’s time to bring the same Presentation back up on the screen!   

If you’ve made an Annotation and you want to remove one Annotation at a time, use CTRL + Right-Click. If you want to make all Annotations disappear and feel a little like Harry Potter (or Hermione Granger), try Alt + E. To undo your last action, type in CTRL+Z.  

If Zooming in on a document to make it as big as possible is your jam, there’s -ZO. You can then use the scroll wheel on your mouse to scroll through the document). To Zoom out, type –ZI.   

Next, there’s Alt + P. When it comes to playing Clips and Multimedia, this hot-key command allows you to Play or Pause a Clip that’s on the screen.   

While there are a lot of other command keys that you can find on our Help Center, the last one that I’ll highlight here is the ESC key. This handy dandy little keyboard command allows you to Clear the Presentation display. The second time you hit this key, you exit out of Presentation altogether. The ESC key just might be my most used command key of all time (I have a feeling most hot seat operators would say the same!).   

As a Hot Seat Operator, learning your Command and Keyboard Shortcuts takes time. Thankfully, IPRO has covered all the bases and then some. With all the shortcuts found under Presentation Preferences (in both Presentation Mode and Presentation Preview), and on our Help Center, you don’t have to look very far when you need a helping hand. If you need to brush up on your skills in Presentation, head to our Learning Center. Wherever you are in your learning journey, know that IPRO is right there with you, every step of the way.  

If you’d like to learn more about IPRO’s products or purchase any type of training, head to our online Learning Center: https://learn.ipro.com/  

IPRO’s Help Center, which is where you can find documentation on all IPRO products can also be found here: https://my.ipro.com/help   

If you have topics you’d like for us to cover, please feel free to drop us a line and we will incorporate your ideas into future blog posts.   




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