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Pinning a Column to the Results Grid in OPEN DISCOVERY

Susanne Strong


By Susanne Strong, Content Developer, IPRO Learning Experience Team 

Have you ever had the need to Pin a Column to the Results Grid in OPEN DISCOVERY? I know I have! Like the Freeze Pane function in Excel, the ability to Pin a Column is helpful when the need arises to scroll through only certain columns in the grid while keeping others set to the left or the right side. Lucky for us, an option now exists for doing exactly that.  

When in the Results Grid, simply select the Hamburger Icon to the right of the needed column with your mouse: 


Once a window appears with the option to Pin Column, go ahead and make your selection:  


It’s that easy! For more on this week’s Tech Tip, take a peek at our free course on Pinning a Column to the Grid in OPEN DISCOVERY. 

Just like always, the Learning Experience Team has got you covered with our tech tips and workflow guidance. Feel free to drop us a line at training@ipro.com with any blog posts you'd like to see. 


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