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  1. Hi Team. I have a client who is in need of the following information regarding the new Eclipse SE Streaming:

    I think this client will be good candidate for streaming ingestion. There’s capacity for another virtual machine on the server we’ve speced out. I might suggest that this machine could be used for running Eclipse Admin native ingestion and data loads. With that in mind, I have a few questions. Again, I understand if the questions can’t be answered because the software hasn’t been released.


    1)Will be able to run multiple streaming agents on one server or server instance?

    2)Will the agents be 32 Bit (like Eclipse SE)

    3)Any ideas on memory requirements?

    4)Any ideas on processor requirements?

    5)I assume it will work with Server 2012 R2 but want to confirm


    Thanks for any info on this!

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  2. Hello Team. I recently spoke to a customer about page level tags in Eclipse and the ability to be able to search or segregate documents that have been tagged at a page-level. What information can you offer on page-level tag functionality within Eclipse and where we are headed?

  3. I received this question from a client earlier today and was hoping someone could provide me a recommendation. "What is your recommendation for files already in Summation? Do you just get them to keep it in Summation until the case is completed, or do you convert them over? Most of my clients are keeping Summation for older files because the conversion isn’t always pretty (that’s what they said). If you recommend conversion, I would need information on converting summation files as well."

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