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  1. Hi MMCSPGF, Thanks for reaching out on IPRO Community! For this issue you'll want to get the Arial Unicode MS font and install it to your local machine. You may also need to REMOVE any fonts that are listed BEFORE the Arial Unicode MS font from the C:\Windows\Fonts directory to get the extracted text tab to display properly.
  2. Hi Caitlin, This would create a second production in the production tab.
  3. Hi Caitlin, Thanks for your question! Unfortunately, there is not a way to generate only a load file from a previous production. However, I believe you can achieve what you're looking for by creating a copy of the target export, removing the settings to overwrite the production numbering, incrementing the volume number, and exporting the production numbers that are currently assigned. You would still need to "re-do" the export, but creating a copy would allow you to make the necessary load file changes without affecting the original production. Keep in mind we are always looking to improve our products. If you'd like to see an option to generate load files based on previous productions I encourage you to Submit a Feature Request directly to our product team.
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