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  1. Solved this. My error was to use the .msg file name as the Begdoc number. A warning said that I should not do this but the warning is couched as archive files are not supported. I guess an .msg file is a type of archive file (which I had thought of as .rar or .zip). Upon redoing the ingestion of the .msg collection, the attachments are incorporated into the database.
  2. We received a number of .msg files and I ingested these natives. However, .msg files contain verifiable embedded attachments in .doc and .pdf and other formats but I can't get to these attachments by clicking from within the ingested .msg files. What extra step(s) do I need to take. (I also bulk imaged the collection, but that probably has nothing to do with it). The native file viewer when used on the .msg shows a "live" link to the attachment with a different color but nothing happens when I click on the link. Ideally I would want the .doc and .pdf and other attachments to be processed just like they are natives.
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