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File size exceeds configured system limit, native must be downloaded to review this document


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When looking at native documents in the Document viewer, you may come across a document that instead of showing the native, shows the following:


This can be fixed if you have access to SQL and following the steps below:

1) Locate Eclipse Config Database (Usually title Eclipse_Config, EclipseConfig, etc)

2) run the following query to see what the current size is set to:

USE [insert Eclipse Config DB name here]


FROM ReviewAdmin.SystemSettings


Under 'NativeViewerFileSizeLimitMB' you will see what the current limit is set to in MB


Now you get to determine the size limit that you would want. I generally wouldn't do more than 100MB as too large will cause more latency on the system, and anything too large can still be viewed in the native application if needed.

3) here's the query to update the limit:

USE [insert Eclipse Config DB name here]

UPDATE ReviewAdmin.SystemSettings

SET SettingValue = --Put size limit, this size is in MB

WHERE SettingKey = 'NativeViewerFileSizeLimitMB'


Now you should be able to click on that document and view it within the native viewer.



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Great post Josiah. So the question is, what is a good size for this limit? How do you decide a document is just too big for the viewer and thus should be reviewed natively? There is never a good answer for this but one can come to a good size limit by considering the following facts:

  • 1 character = 1 byte
  • 1000 characters = 1kb
  • 1 page of text typically holds 2kb of text
  • Thus it will take about 500 pages to make 1mb
  • Which means it takes about 5000 pages to make up 10mbs

5000 pages? Is that a lot? Depends on how good of a reader you are. If you're the type that gets through 5 large novels a day, than it should be just fine, as good paperback sci-fi novel can go anywhere between 300-500 pages. Does that seem overwhelming? Consider this, the bible is about 4 mbs and 1200 pages. So yeah, 10 mbs is just about 2.5 bibles. Yes but computers handle things better and it's technology so what is the big deal? Well, downloading something of that size takes a little longer and slows down your review. Here is my advice: You should set your size somewhere between 5-7 mbs and anything above that should be put in a smartfolder for native review. In fact you should cal the smartfolder "Review in Native".


You may be wondering why I just stated the size of a bible and then advised you to download something larger than the size of the bible to be viewed natively. The reason is that when discussing size in character and page and bytes and kbs etc, we're only considering plain text and not pictures and all the cool formatting that comes with Microsoft Office documents. For example, if you type up a 500 page essay in MS Word it will probably be more than 1 mb as suggested above in my estimates. It will probably be somewhere around 3-4 mbs because MS Word has a ton of formatting overhead to add to the file. You know how complicated MS word can get with all its hidden features. Hence my advice to set the limit to somewhere between 5-6 mbs.



And that is all I have to say about size limits for the native viewer.

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