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New features in eCapture version 2018.5

Barrett Gardner

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Extract email metadata from emails converted to PDF (33940) - Standalone emails which have been converted to PDF prior to ingestion into eCapture will be hashed using configured 'Custom Email Hash' settings when any of the following fields are identified in the file (MailFrom, MailTo, MailCC, MailDate, or MailSubject). Associated email metadata fields (MailFrom, MailTo, MailCC, MailDate, MailSubject, MailFolder, and MailTransportHeader) are also extracted and are available upon export.


Streaming Discovery – Disable all file extraction (38728) - The checkbox 'Enable file extraction' is now present within 'Discovery Options' which allows all extraction to be disabled. This option is set to enabled by default and the existing 'Extract email inline images' and 'Extract embedded files' boxes are now sub-options that can be selected independently when 'Enable file extraction' is set. When unchecked no files will be extracted from the ingested source data resulting in a 1:1 ratio of files after Streaming Discovery has completed.


Perform Overlay against entire Streaming Export Series (57529) - The option 'Create Series Overlay' exists when right clicking on an Export Series in the eCapture Controller. Once selected the user is presented with a list of jobs available within the series to include in the Overlay followed by the fields and associated mapping for the end review database. The field '[bEGDOC]' is a required field within field list as it is used to associate the updated values. Overlay jobs are identified within an export series by the prefix '(Overlay)' in the job name.


Windows 10 / Server 2016 OS Certification (62213) - eCapture and its associated modules (Controller, Queue Manager, Worker, and QC) can now be installed on machines using Microsoft Windows 10 / Server 2016 Operating Systems.


Allow resizing of ‘Field Name’ column when selecting fields in a QC session (67559) - When modifying the Selected Fields within a QC session, the 'Field Name' column can be resized. This facilitates viewing of content in the 'Type' field to more quickly and easily distinguish System/Metadata field types.

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