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Timeline not showing dates

Guest hector@concorddt.com

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Guest hector@concorddt.com

Timeline not showing dates because DATE field was mostly empty.


Didnt realize that the timeline can be populated with various date fields; Date, Date Sent, Date Rec'd, Date Mod.

Here's how .... To do this you will need to access Eclipse Admin. From there go to Case Management and open your case. Then go to Database Fields and find the field with a field type of "DOCUMENTDATE" and edit the field. You should see a tab called Timeline at the top. Click on that and that screen will allow you to add fields to the document date. The date that gets populated is the one highest in the list with an entry. For instance if you use Date and Date Sent in this list, if there is nothing for the Date field, but there is a date in the Date Sent field, it will use that Date Sent value. Otherwise it would use the value in the Date field.

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