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Ryan Goats

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If users are utilizing review passes and batches, but don't want to manually click the reviewed 'tag' after viewing their documents, there is a simple way to change the status automatically.


1. Make sure that you have at least one required tag group, a popular one is Responsiveness/Relevant tags

This is done in the tag palette tab in Case management, and modify tag palette.


2. Create a Coding form.

Also in Case management, the Coding Forms tab will be selected.

Create a new coding form. Select the fields, and tags that the reviewers will need access to, and make sure that the required tag group is in the list.

Under the Rules tab, 'Add' a new rule, give it a name, (something like Review status will work)

Change the syntax to look like this:



2. Setup your review pass to allow the status to change automatically.

This can be done from the 'Create/Manage Review Batches' menu in SE admin.

Once a review pass is created, under the 'Review Pass Details' tab, select the option to use the review status Coding form, and to 'Automatically set documents to Reviewed if coding rules are met'


3. Create the batches of your desired document set


4. If a user logs into a batch, and has the 'reviewed status' coding form selected, when they tag any tag within the required group, the document review status will change to Reviewed.


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