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"String or binary data would be truncated" error when trying to export documents

Guest sadelson

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Guest sadelson

If you are exporting from eCapture and you come across an error that says: StartFailure.thumb.PNG.c8e27ef260442b2443d514b8b67313c5.PNG



This is due to the BegDoc field that is being generated being too large. This only happens if the option to use the file name as the BegDoc value is chosen and the file name is large.


Example: LongFileName.thumb.PNG.1f571e05a0a58ea92f46a4f644d2a2dc.PNG


To avoid the error, either generate new BegDoc values through the Export Settings or make sure that the file names are of a reasonable length. For a good length, I would suggest keeping it below the maximum length that is possible when generating new BegDocs (the max for that is about 70 characters).

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