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TrialDirector Exporting Clip Creation Uses and How To Export/Import.

Andrew Aldieri

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Uses of Clip Creation Scripts(CCS):

1. Changing media file types. (MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG 4)

2. Re-creating cases if needed without needing to re-create clips manually.

3. Editing segments (Adding and Removing them with time stamps).

4. Moving segments from one transcript to the other by editing the CCS file to be associated with another transcript.

- You will need to open the .CCS file within notepad, you will then see the original transcript name, you would update this to the transcript you would like then save the clips under and then import it.


Exporting CCS:

> Select Transcript Manager (Bottom Left of the application).

> Switch "View By" to Clips or Clips Grouped. (Upper left hand side of Transcript Manager).

> Select which clip(s) you want to export. (There is an export all clips option in the next step).

> On the menu bar select 'Clips' and then 'Export Clip Creation Script (*.ccs).

> Under 'What would you like to export?' Select All Clip(s) or Export only the selected Clip(s).

> Click Next.

> Choose your path and then Next.

> Click "Export"


Importing a CCS:

> Select Transcript Manager (Bottom Left of the application).

> On the menu bar select 'Clips' -> Execute Clip Creation Script(*.ccs).

> Browse and select your *.ccs file. Click Next.

> Leave default unless needing to adjust segment time codes. Click Next again.

> Typically you would leave these default unless you need to Split segments or exclude silence. Click Next.

> Click Execute.

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