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Generating Word Coordinates on Extracted Text

Cody Luera

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  • IPRO Employee

In typical Ingest Natives workflow, the extracted text will be extracted from the native documents and populated under the 'Extracted Text' viewer in the case. If you plan on creating a searchable PDF production or would like search terms to highlight on the image tab, then you will need word coordinates.


Unfortunately, since Ingest Natives pulls text from it's digital format, no word coordinates exist. They will need to generated using the Eclipse SE Administration OCR tool.


The tip here is you can generate word coordinates without replacing your extracted text with OCR, as extracted text is the original text of the native file.


To do this, you can select both the 'RE-OCR All Documents/Pages' and 'Do Not Replace Existing Extracted Text' options. This will force Eclipse SE to generate OCR and word coordinates for the documents, but NOT replace the extracted text.



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