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Extracted text issues causing extra characters at the end of every line.

Guest Kenneth Walters

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Guest Kenneth Walters

Discovered this issue today while assisting a client on eclipse 2017.3.0.


We were using eCapture to generate a load file of extracted text to be imported into Eclipse.

The extracted text files generated by eCapture looked fine with no issues, but after they were transmitted via Filezilla to the cloud environment, the extracted text had extra characters at the end of every single line.


eCapture was set up to create the load file with UNICODE UTF-16 and was imported correctly on eclipse using the same encoding format.


What we found out, was actually an issue with Filezilla changing the encoding on the text files and causing them to have the extra characters at the end of every line when there shouldn't be.


To test this, we also had a load file that was compressed into a .RAR file and was uploaded to the cloud environment.

Checking the text files that were uncompressed from the .RAR file showed that they retained the original encoding and did not have any extra characters.


So, if you are having issues with extracted text having odd or unusual characters after being uploaded to the cloud environment, but look correct in the local environment, this can be corrected by compressing the files (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc...) first and then upload to your cloud environment.


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