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TrialDirector: Create Clips Through Case Library

Chris F

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TrialDirector: Create Clips Through Case Library








To create a clip in Case Library, select your clip and then look for the circular button at the left below the video playback window. 001_001.png.c1a4751ba4bf8acb9041c15be5ac34ce.png









This button will pop out the clip editor with two boxes showing numbers. 001_002.png.f911db1ab8ba191ec458fab70316707e.png






The left set of zeros is the start of the clip with the button to set the start of the clip looking like an arrow pointing at the beginning of a line. The button to set the end of the clip is an arrow pointing at the end of a line located on the right. You can advance the time in the clip using the scrubber bar located just above the two sets of numbers. 001_003.png.b148efba1d4373c5463864459b9e0420.png









To create the clip, use the arrow pointing up on the bar across the bottom of the clip editor. 001_005.png.287be08653218c8d5709c21d00ad083c.png







To export the clip, create a multiplayer workbook, 001_006.png.4b4bb376540619e6d56d10cb07a81123.png












add the clip to the workbook by dragging it on top of the workbook, and then right click on the workbook, select send workbook contents to > multiplay video file. You can normally leave the profile settings on auto and once you choose a location for the video to save, click the send button. 001_008.png.16118baa39232daaeb05bfdb4b0e2ee7.png










Review your clip after the export completes.


Be advised that this may not work with some file-types such as MTS and WAV.

Edited by Chris Friedel
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