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Content Analyst - Email Threading - No emails threaded, header information out of order.

Guest Kenneth Walters

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Guest Kenneth Walters



If you are running email threading, but it comes back stating that it completed and no emails where threaded, the issue may lie in how the header information is formatted.



If you have header information in your extracted text formatted like so:








This has a chance to cause the email threading to return saying that it completed, but there are no emails that have been threaded when looking in Eclipse review.


The solution to this is to use the section labeled (Meta Data to Send to Analytics) to manually map which Meta Data Fields it needs to be using for head section of the email header.


Analytics typically expects the header information to look like, and if mapping manually there are certain Field Types that it will need to be so that the data in interpreted correctly:


From: (FixedLengthText 500)

To: (LongText)

CC: (LongText)

BCC: (LongText)

Subject: (FixedLengthText 2000)

Sent: (DateTime)


With some allowance to variations, the biggest thing is the From and To need to be consecutive. If the extracted text does not have it formatted consecutively, it will cause issues in threading.

Setting the metadata fields to be manually mapped with help in making sure that the emails are processed and threaded correctly.








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