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TrialDirector launch or crash issues after recent Windows 10 updates.

Chris F

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TrialDirector launch or crash issues after recent Windows 10 updates.



UPDATE - 8/27/2019

1. Some users may have downloaded and installed the TrialDirector 6.8.2070.2019 update but even after installing this update, the software will not launch.

2. If you have updated your Windows Security or 3rd Party Antivirus, you may be required to perform a complete uninstall and reinstall of TrialDirector 6

3. Security / Antivirus can be manually updated or sometimes it will silently update in the background (without the user knowing it).

4. Perform an uninstall of TrialDirector 6 from Control Panel > Programs and Features.

5. From here, navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\inData Corporation\TrialDirector 6

6. Delete the TrialDirector 6 folder.

7. Reboot your computer.

8. Once rebooted, run the TD6WebSetup.exe as a Windows Local Admin. See your IT Group for Local Admin information.

9. Test the software for any launch issues. If you are in maintenance, please contact Ipro Support if you have further issues.


UPDATE - 06/24/2019

The same instructions below apply for Microsoft's 1903 update released in May. Your version may need to read 6.8.2070.2019 to avoid launch issues.



If your TrialDirector installation is crashing or having launch issues and you are on Windows 10, please read the following:


Check when your operating last updated itself using Windows Update. If it was within February 2018 to the current date, Microsoft has released specific updates that might cause launch issues within TrialDirector. You can try rolling back your update but be advised that Microsoft considers some updates critical and will not allow roll-back.


Ipro has already updated TrialDirector to deal with the updates in question. The version that addresses this should read 6.8.2070.(year) as shown in the picture below. Users may see 6.8.2070.2019 if they have updated to the latest build. Below is an example: 432107734_2070-2018Details-TD6.thumb.png.5797cf019483f09572e192a89e039a5c.png








Be advised that this will not show under the normal Help > About menu. This will only show in Windows Programs and Features as shown above.


This update is available to users that have an in maintenance TrialDirector serial number. If you are on version 2070.2018, 2070, 1802, 1608 or earlier and are running TrialDirector on Windows 10, this software configuration may not work correctly and is not supported. If you know that your serial number is in maintenance, please contact our technical support team to obtain the latest download of TrialDirector 6.




(877) 324-4776 or (602) 324-4780

Hours: 5am to 7pm, Monday through Friday (MST/AZ)






If you are out of maintenance, please contact our sales team to renew maintenance:












Hours: 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday (MST / AZ)



If you are on version 6.8.2070.2019 and are still having issues launching, consider adding TrialDirector paths and exe files to your antivirus or security software. Please see your company IT Group for further instructions.

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  • Escalation Engineer

@Don Greco

This depends on eligibility.  If the license owner is up-to-date on TrialDirector 6 maintenance and the associated serial number eligibility falls within the updated version timeline, the software will activate.  Obviously the user needs an internet connection. 

If the user obtained the updated version via other means and tries to install with a serial number that is out of maintenance and (by proxy) does not fall within that version's timeline - this would be a violation of the End User License Agreement.  The software may give an error on activation and direct you to support.

Using the example in your post, we assume the user is up-to-date on maintenance and has the latest version installed.  If you are continually getting crashing (on launch?) or other issues we have seen the following rectify the issue:

Option 1.  Confirm this happens on more than one computer.  Test installation on a computer that has a completely different Windows image.

Option 2.  Uninstall TrialDirector 6 and Uninstall any security or antivirus.  You should only have Windows Defender on the system for this test.  Reboot and reinstall TrialDirector 6.  Test launch and other crash related issue.

Option 3.  Disable Microsoft Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

Option 4.  TrialDirector 6 is not supported on MacOS/Parallels and it's not supported on a Virtual Machine.  It's also not supported on Citrix.  Some users can get this to work over RDS/VPN but TD6 wasn't really designed for that.  If you are deploying to any of the flavors mentioned in this option, uninstall and reinstall to a standard, bare-bones deployment of Windows 10. 

Option 5.  Test the TrialDirector 6 Sample Case.  Does said issue happen with that case?  If not, the issue may be related to the case/data where this occurs.

Could be a number of other issues (we'd have to see event viewer) but the bulk of TD6 crash problems might be fixed by moving to another computer or uninstalling AV/Security, reboot, reinstall TD6.

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