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Video Formats accepted by TD6

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Where can i find what formats TD6 can use? I tried loading an mp4 file and it wont play it.



TrialDirector version 6.8.2070.2018 can accept all MP4's assuming they are H.264 compatible. If you are using a version below 6.8.2070.2018 then you might get a message of "Unsupported Multimedia". If you are on a lower version, please contact our sales team to see if you are eligible for the upgrade.


If you are on the latest version, ensure your MP4's match the following parameters:




In TrialDirector under Help > Contents you can also perform a search for "Supported File Formats". Click the line that says Supported Video Formats and this will take you to a page that lists all the formats TrialDirector supports. Multimedia formats are also included in this list.

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