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System.Exception error when submitting Enterprise Image job

Andrew Coody

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Do you receive the following error when trying to submit an Enterprise Image (EI) job in Eclipse?


Error adding documents: System.Exception: Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown. [submit]




The machine you're trying to run the EI job from is out of sync with the IIS machine.




You'll need to run the following script in the Windows Command line on the machine you're running the EI job from. It's also recommended to run it on all machines in your environment because if one machine is out-of-sync, others might be as well.


net time \\IIS_Server /set /y


replace the word "IIS_Server" with the actual hostname (computer name) of your IIS machine.*


* If your company happens to use a NTP (Network Time Protocol) server that your IIS and/or DC (Domain Controller) machines point to to get their time, please substitute the IIS_Server for the NTP_Server

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