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"Loading Grid..." issue when launching Eclipse SE

Andrew Coody

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On a periodic basis, you may find that when you try to open a case that the splash screen for Eclipse SE hangs on "Loading Grid...". This can happen on just one SE user account or for many, and also be isolated to just one machine or several. It's profile- and machine-dependent, so the fix outlined below will need to be performed on each affected machine. Capture.PNG.49717851d189f27eee02df09342912a6.PNG











Here are a couple most-common culprits. They can individually or collectively be the culprit, and this can occur at random unfortunately.

• Grid size is set to 5,000 or 10,000.

• 'Wrap text in grid' is enabled.




1) Close Eclipse SE Admin and Desktop

2) Open Windows Explorer and in the address bar type %localappdata%

3) Find and open Ipro_Tech,_LLC. Delete all folders that start with EclipseDesktop.exe_Url_...

4) Go back a folder and navigate to IProEclipse. Delete the UserSettings folder.

5) Launch Eclipse SE Admin and find the case with the smallest possible document count under case management and take note of it.

6) Launch Eclipse SE Desktop and open that small case.

7) Once the case loads, change the following settings (you can adjust them back later*):


• Change the grid size to 50. Untitled1.png.e26ef841c3deb2e038a1b0a0e5e00d71.png







• Turn off 'Wrap text in grid' option. Because there is no checkbox for this option, you'll only know if it's enabled if the physical record lines are larger in size than each other and text from various fields is wrapped to the next line.

Here's a before and after example: Untitled3.thumb.png.0f463f203a4fd2c81c7ed8b19a98da77.png



If wrapping is on, right-click and click 'Wrap text in grid'. Untitled.png.5359227f0e80e33b34838ac56a62011e.png








8) After these options have been corrected, go to open case and try your original case that would not load. It should load fine now.


*We don't recommend reverting any of settings back as the issue may recur, but if it's absolutely necessary, adjust any of these settings as you need to.

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