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][ Enterprise 2021.9 Officially Released!

Michael Atkin

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The latest release notes for 2021.9.0 can be viewed here: ][ Enterprise Release Notes 2021.9.0 (iprotech.com)

And the updated system requirements are also available here: System Requirements (iprotech.com)



Driven by a mission for Better Governance, Faster Insights, and Smarter Discovery, IPRO for Enterprise 2021 represents one of most impactful IPRO releases to date. Our new solutions let you search data in place, collect less through smarter collections, use enhanced Artificial Intelligence for your document review, and leverage other productivity enhancements with a focus on the functionality you’ve ask for most.

Here are just a few of the enhancements included in our latest release:

Live EDA – Reduce time and costs associated with traditional data collection methods. Now you can access, search, and collect data in place across all file, document, email including cloud solutions such as O365 or Google Suite and popular chat tools such as #Slack and Teams. Additional license required.

IPRO Active Learning - Accelerate the Review process and meet even the most stringent deadlines. IPRO’s version of AL works in the background acting as a virtual team member, assisting you for higher quality, faster document review. AL offers predictions that estimate documents left to review faster than other market-leading solutions, helping you quickly identify conflicts and areas needing quality checks.

Interface Improvements – Improve user adoption with the usability enhancements on the functionality you've asked for most. The UI improvements in this release make it easy to access and learn about features from within a single interface. No more application hopping to access critical job status and case settings.

And much more…

For a full list of features, Release Notes, and Product Lifecycle Calendar, please visit the IPRO Help Center.



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