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Exporting and Importing Cases

Stephen Ferry


I'm a long time TD user.  I don't understand how Importing and Exporting cases in TD360 works. I have a non-data-synch case stored on my C Drive or on a external SSD.  I follow the instructions posted on the website (https://my.ipro.com/help/TrialDirector/Content/TrialDirector/CaseManager/Export_a_Case.htm?Highlight=export), which generates a CSV file.  After export I cannot import the case.  I always receive the error message, "A case could not be located in the selected folder."  The Import dialog box seems to be looking for a folder, but no folder in the path works.  I don't see the point of the CSV file.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks. 

Case Export Screenshot 2023-09-23 132316.png

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Thank you for your question, I believe you may have simply pressed the wrong button when attempting to export the case. To export a case, highlight your desired case and press the Export Case button that is along the top row. The file you created is generated by clicking the Export button that is located above the search cases bar. In the photo below the correct button is highlighted in yellow:



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