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License Expiring

Guest Daniel Hahnke

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Once you have renewed your license, you will also need to update the licensing information within your Eclipse SE environment.


If you are using the Authorization Manager, please follow the steps below:


1. Locate the machine/computer that is running the Ipro Authorization Service for the environment.

2. On that computer, please open the Ipro Auth Manager application.

3. Once it has opened, select Authorization Management > Remote Management > Update.

4. The update will pull the latest license information from Ipro's Authorization server (PAM), and it will update the Ipro Authorization Service within your environment to reflect any changes.


Additionally, the Ipro Authorization Service will check in automatically with Ipro's Authorization server (PAM) when the machine's time has hit midnight.


If you are using the Local Authorization File method within Eclipse SE, please perform the following steps:


1. Launch Eclipse SE Administration, and login.

2. Navigate to the System Management tab, and then click System Authorization.

3. Please select Remote Authorization Update

4. The program will retrieve the licensing information from the server, and update the license information

5. Click Save


Best Regards,


Cody Luera

Technical Support Engineer

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