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Premium Scan 8.7.2 -- Documents start automatically suffixing when scanning documents

Cody Luera

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In Premium Scan 8.7.2, if you encounter an issue with your imagekey automatically adding a Suffix while scanning, even though no Suffix was specified at the beginning of the scan session, this may be caused by an option within Project Setup. The Barcodes option within Project Setup will search the scanned image for a barcode, and generate an imagekey based on the code. If any barcodes are present on the image, it may cause an issue with the barcode numbering scheme, and Premium Scan will revert back to the last known imagekey and then add a Suffix.



Please perform the following steps to ensure this option is NOT enabled:


1. Open the Classic Suite Launcher.


2. Launch Premium Scan by going to Scan > Premium Scan


3. Once in Premium Scan, please select the Project Setup menu at the top of the window.


4. Select your Project from the list, and select Processing Options


5. Uncheck the Barcodes checkbox.

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