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  • IPRO Employee

Hello Team. I recently spoke to a customer about page level tags in Eclipse and the ability to be able to search or segregate documents that have been tagged at a page-level. What information can you offer on page-level tag functionality within Eclipse and where we are headed?

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  • S.W.A.T. Engineer

Thank you for the input, Viabhav and Dave. I agree that page tags have very limited functionality inside of Eclipse Web, and primarily exist for legacy purposes from an era where page-based review was more common than document-based review.


This is especially true as the type of data being reviewed has changed throughout recent years. The largest volume of data typically encountered in modern review are electronic documents, and the majority of these documents do not have any defined concept of pages until physically printed; PowerPoint and PDF documents are a notable exception, among others. Because the concept of discrete pages is somewhat elusive for most electronic documents, and because technologies such as email threading and near duplicate analysis operate on an entire document scope rather than a page scope, it is recommended in most circumstances to use only document-level tags, and avoid using page tags.

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