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Patch Folder not yet set

Krista Schmidt

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In a customer environment, the eCapture worker logs are reporting a constant error message indicating that the Patch Folder is not yet set. It appears the application is constantly opening and closing due to this. The message is:


2016-11-02 06:19:58,626 [10] INFO - LastWorkerPatchVersion was 1, but 3 is expected. An upgrade will be performed from <patch folder not yet set>.

2016-11-02 06:19:58,626 [10] INFO - <patch folder not yet set> cannot be accessed so entering InaccessiblePath state.


Can someone clarify where the Worker Patch folder is set so that we can update?

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Hello Krista,


You have a couple of options here to resolve this issue.


Option 1 - Fixing the issue by updating the worker patch directory


1. Download the worker patch files from myipro.iprotech.com

2. Create a folder on the network and place files in there

3. In the controller > Tools > Worker Patch Manager

4 Update the worker patch directory (UNC Path)

5. Increment patch version from

6. Queue worker and restart tasks


Option 2 - Fixing the issue through SQL by updating the worker patch version for the whole environment




Update dbo.configurationproperites


Set workerpatchversion = 3


Where workerpatchversion = 1

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