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How can I placeholder Excel files during an EDD batch?

Roman Johnson

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  • Escalation Engineer

Although eScan-IT doesn't offer the functionality to directly placeholder Excel files, you can "trick" it into doing so by following these steps. Please note that you must have Microsoft Office 2010 or newer, otherwise this will not work.


1. Launch Excel

2. Click on File, or the Home menu, in the top left corner

3. Click on Options

4. Go to the Trust Center section

5. Click the Trust Center Settings button

6. Go to the File Block Settings section

7. You'll see three different columns here: File Type, Open, and Save. Put a checkmark in every single box in the Open column

8. On the bottom, there are 3 radio buttons. Set the button to the middle one, which says "Open selected file types in Protected View"

9. Click OK

10. Click OK again

11. Close out of Excel

12. Launch eScan-IT and begin your EDD batch. Now, whenever eScan-IT tries to process an Excel file, it won't be able to open it, causing it to force an Exception placeholder to be given


Now, if you'd like to reprocess these in QC to get accurate images, you'll need to undo what you just did in Excel. To do this, just go back into the File Block Settings section in the Trust Center, and hit that button that says Restore Default. Once you've restored those default settings, close out of Excel, go into QC in eScan-IT and reprocess those files as you see fit.

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  • IPRO Employee

The above workflow does not extract metadata or text since the excel files will be blocked from opening. An alternative workflow that will extract the text and metadata is to set a Page Threshold under project options. Doing so will placeholder any file that exceeds the page limit but still extracts the metadata and text.

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